A Reminder

Hello to the Forest Range & Lenswood History Group, the Lenswood & Forest Range Community Association, the Lenswood Primary School Parents & Friends and all LPS staff.

The schooling in the Lenswood/Forest Range area is 150 years this year!  We’d like to celebrate and organise an event to commemorate this occasion.  Would you be interested in helping out?  We’d love to get together to start the ball rolling.

If you’d like to join us please bring along some ideas with you and meet at the school on Tuesday, 19 February at 7pm to discuss this further.

Can you please RSVP to me to let me know if you would be interested.


Julia Cowlam

Lenswood Primary School

ph 8389 8278 I fax 8389 8552 I mob 0439 007 153

email julia.cowlam357@schools.sa.edu.au

website lenswoodps.sa.edu.au

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