History Group

A local history group has been formed.
Visit our website – http://historylfr.wordpress.com/
or email
General Contact  SecretaryFRLHG@gmail.com
Memberships      TreasurerFRLHG@gmail.com
Webmaster          lfrlocalhistory@gmail.com

Follow our Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/LenswoodForestRangeLocalHistory

Contact us with your photo, diary, letter, collection, family history details.  This will enable us to form a register and begin to document our joint history.  We love to talk, we love to scan!

Minutes and meeting notices can be found at our meetings page.

To create a history focus for the Forest Range and Lenswood area to:

  1. highlight the long and diverse history of Forest Range and Lenswood
  2. record the verbal history of the region by promoting discussion and memory
  3. record locations of artefacts, photos, documents, and other information
  4. acquire copies of any historical artefacts, photos, documents and other info
  5. gather and preserve a more complete history of the Forest Range and Lenswood area
  6. promote the History Group  of  the district

The Forest Range and Lenswood History Group Inc. website.