The next meeting of the Lenswood and Forest Range Community Association is on Wed 24th of June, 7:30pm at the Forest Range Hall, 1263 Lobethal Road.

Hi all,
in order to return to the normal functions of the Lenswood and Forest Range Community Assoc, we will resume meetings with the next one on Wed the 24th of June, 7:30pm at the Forest Range Hall.
We haven’t really established the priorities for the year yet, with interruptions for fire and plague (pestilence is next?), so please send your thoughts via email or even better come to the meeting to discuss things over a cup of tea. 

  • Attached is the agenda, which, in brief, will cover:
  1. Heritage Trail – tying up the loose ends

2. Friends of Centennial Park proposal

3. Forest Range Cinema

4. Community gathering in October – picnic?

5. Improving our bank balance.

To those who responded to the request for views on the running of Shannon’s Rally, thank you. The rally will go ahead, with a couple of minor changes to improve access to some cherry growers and Gorge Wildlife Park. They have been requested to move the event earlier to avoid the cherry season, and there is some indication they will do this. 
Kind Regards

Chris Grant Secretary

 Lenswood and Forest Range Community Association

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