Lenswood &
Forest Range
Community Association

About the Lenswood & Forest Range Community Association Inc. (L&FRCA)

The Lenswood and Forest Range Community Association Inc. was formed in 2011.
Our Association consists of a small group of volunteers who work together for the purpose of preserving and promoting the interests of the Lenswood and Forest Range Community.
This may be achieved by:

  1. Providing support and boosting numbers to existing groups who may want to organise functions like the Harvest Festival, as well as fund raising and social events,
  2. Organise social working bees for the maintenance of existing community assets,
  3. Providing support for services that may be battling such as our postal services.

Our district is continually changing and our aim is to recognise those changes and encourage a positive direction for the future.

This website has been constructed to support the objectives of the Association and is maintained by a small group of volunteers. The website will always be under construction and it has been provided as a tool for the Forest Range and Lenswood community to share events of significance, to promote what people are doing and record significant milestones.  We welcome any suggestion on how to improve the site.  If you would like to be actively involved in maintaining the website then please  Contact: – The Secretary – Chris Grant-  mailto:christygrant07@yahoo.com.au

Information about the districts of Forest Range and Lenswood:

We do not have an exact record of when the first settlers arrived in the local area but we believe it was not long after the colony of South Australia was settled in 1838.  Originally the whole of the district was known as Forest Range. However in 1917 that part of the community of Forest Range was renamed Lenswood. It was given the name Lenswood, after the town of Lens in France.

The 2011 census reported that the population of Lenswood was 508 and Forest Range had a population of 173. Fruit and tree nut growing is the main industry of both communities although wine growing is also an important growth industry in the district.

The following links provide more information about Forest Range and Lenswood:

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Lenswood Census QuickStats (2011) Australian Bureau of Statistics: http://www.censusdata.abs.gov.au/census_services/getproduct/census/2011/quickstat/SSC40364?opendocument&navpos=220

Forest Range Census QuickStats (2011) Australian Bureau of Statistics: http://www.censusdata.abs.gov.au/census_services/getproduct/census/2011/quickstat/SSC40209?opendocument&navpos=220

Adelaide Hills – National Parks: http://www.environment.sa.gov.au/parks/Find_a_Park/Browse_by_region/Adelaide_Hills

Adelaide Hills Walking Trails: http://www.southaustralia.com/regions/adelaide-hills-trails.aspx

Wikipedia – Lenswood: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lenswood,_South_Australia

Wikipedia – Forest Range: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forest_Range,_South_Australia

The Lenswood and Forest Range Community Association Committee.