Approach to A.H.C. re Croft & Mawson Roads Traffic


On the 11th of August a small group of Business Owners met to discuss emerging issues with the increased volume of traffic along Croft and Mawson Rds.
Residents may be aware that the State Government has encouraged Bike SA to use Mount Crawford Forest for their activities.  Residents will also be aware of the success that Anderson Hill, Pike and Joyce and Mt Lofty cellar door sales have enjoyed. If we add to this pick your own cherries and pick your own pink ladies we can see that this part of Lenswood is becoming increasing popular to visitors.
At this initial meeting there was general agreement that we welcomed the benefits that this increased popularity brings to our various businesses.  However, we are also aware that it has brought problems.

Problems can be solved. 

Dale Knappstein has offered to make a presentation to Council on December 8.
Dale has spent many years  as corporate communications, Corporate brand  and Crisis Manager for an international Pharmaceutical company and most of those years were making presentations to staff, management and senior executives.
Although Dale knows how to make a good presentation her presentation can only be as good as the information at her disposal.
We need to assemble FACTS – present our case in a way that gets the best outcomes possible for all the various needs and concerns of the group.  We won’t get perfection but we will hopefully, all get something that supports the growth of these very exciting roads.
Dale has agreed to  prepare a presentation based on the information received by  any community members who wish to make a constructive contribution to this discussion.  She will put this into a written / power point type document and circulate it to everyone who has had an input at least two weeks prior to the meeting for your feedback.
That feedback will be incorporated back into the contents . A final version will be circulated and copies prepared for all Councillors to receive – after – the presentation.

If you have an interest in this issue and either want to be informed or make a constructive contribution then please contact:

Dale Knappstein:

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