A wide number of cherry varieties are grown in Lenswood and Forest Range.

Stella and Lapin are the dominant varieties grown. There is a wide range of other varieties grown based primarily on the market niche of a region/grower.

Merchant, Stella, Lapin, Sweetheart and Simone are the main varieties grown. Bing, Supreme, Empress, Van, Summit, Sunburst, Kordia, Vista and Lambert have had varying levels of production but are declining in popularity. Rainier is only grown by a few specialist growers. Rons Seedling is still grown by several growers. Several other varieties have been introduced recently and the best performing of these include Black Star, Earlisweet, Sweet Georgia, Chelan, Earlise, Australise, Santina, Samba, Sylvia and Regina.

Most cherry crops are harvested during December and January.
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